SwagBot: A feature-rich, well-rounded Discord
bot with something for everyone

SwagBot is focused on one thing, giving you a Discord bot that your server members will use daily.
It offers a multitude of different commands, without spreading itself too thin. This allows SwagBot to
provide a stable and fun experience for all!

Advanced music capabilities

Play videos from YouTube, tracks from Soundcloud, and more with features that other bots don't have like track seeking, search, moving tracks in queue, and more. All music is handled by SwagBot's low level audio encoding software for minimal latency and lag.

Interactive moderation

SwagBot can auto assign roles to new members, move multiple people between voice channels, and more.

Engage your server members

Start brawls, view thousands of cat and dog pictures, or play look up words on urban dictionary.

Rewritten from the ground up. 100% Kotlin

SwagBot v2 has all the same features from the original bot, but written in a new language with a completely new internal database system. This allows it to do more with less power.

  • MySQL

    Instead of storing server settings like custom command prefixes in memory, SwagBot uses a database paired with a fast M.2 SSD for minimal latency between command and response.

  • Discord4J

    SwagBot is based off of the incredibly powerful Discord4J API library, and uses optimized low level code for repetitive tasks like decoding audio.

  • Open Source

    Unlike many other Discord bots, SwagBot is and will stay open source. You can rest assured knowing what code is running on your server.

  • Constant Updates

    The developers are always open to feedback on the bot's features and bugs. If you want to report a bug or suggest a new feature, browse the GitHub repository and submit an issue.

More info

Still not convinced? SwagBot developers are available on the support server if you encounter any issues or bugs. Click learn more to find the getting started page.