Use ~help to get more detailed information about commands.

The default command prefix is ~ (tilda). This is customizable by the change prefix command.
Use ~help [command] for more info and aliases for the commands below.

Basic Commands

Name Description
donate Links to help support SwagBot.
info Info about SwagBot.
help List all commands available.
summon Summon the bot to your voice channel.
support Links if you need help with SwagBot.
leave Disconnect the bot from the channel it's currently in.
iam Self-assign roles.
iamnot Remove a self-assigned role.
invite Links to invite SwagBot to your server.
ping Ping / pong.

Fun Commands

Name Description
8-ball Ask the 8 ball a question!
brawl Fight to the death!
cat Find pictures of random cats.
dog Find pictures of random dogs. Can search by breed. Shorten links. Also supports tinyurl.
join Join a brawl before it starts.
lmgtfy Was that so hard?
rock, paper, scissors Play rock paper scissors against SwagBot.
strawpoll Create a Strawpoll from within discord.
ud Look up a term on Urban Dictionary.

Music Commands

Name Description
play Play a song/playlist from YouTube, Soundcloud, and more. Supports links and search.
search Searches YouTube for videos.
queue View tracks queued to play.
np View the currently playing track.
clear Clears the queue. (Moderators only)
leavercleanup Removes tracks from the queue added by people who are no longer listening.
loop Loops the whole queue.
move Moves a certain track to the beginning of the queue or to a specific position.
pause Pause the currently playing track.
removedupes Removes duplicate tracks from the queue.
remove Remove the specified track by its position in queue.
replay Reset the progress of the current track.
resume Resume the currently playing track.
seek Seeks to a certain point in the current track.
shuffle Shuffle the order of the tracks in queue.
skip Skip the current track in queue. (Moderators only)
skipto Skip to a certain track in queue. (Moderators only)
voteskip Vote to skip the current song. Requires simple majority.

Moderator Commands

Name Description
bring Bring all users currently connected to a voice channel to you.
massafk Move everyone currently connected to a voice channel to the afk channel.
migrate Move everyone from one voice channel to another.
prune Delete messages.

Admin Commands

Name Description
aar Auto assign a role to new members.
changeprefix Change the bot's command prefix.
chatonly Mark text channels as chat only, so SwagBot will remove any messages with links or embeds.
gameswitcher Move users to specific voice channels automatically based on the game they are currently playing.
permission Edit user permissions. More Info

If you have a suggestion for a new command, please create an issue on GitHub.