SwagBot has four permission levels:

  • NONE - Users only have access to commands like ~help and ~info.
  • NORMAL - Default permission level.
  • MOD - Allows users to access moderator commands.
  • ADMIN - Allows users to access admin commands.

When SwagBot first joins a server, it gives the server owner the permission of ADMIN. Everyone else on the server starts with the NORMAL permission level. Only users with the ADMIN permission level may change other's permissions.

To change other user's permissions, an ADMIN must use the ~permission command. To do this, they type ~permission [NONE, NORMAL, MOD, or ADMIN] [list of mentioned users]. They may mention direct users or roles, separated by spaces.

Commands which require Discord permissions, also require that the user invoking those commands to have the same Discord permissions. For example, ~migrate requires SwagBot to have the Move Members permission, as well as the user invoking the command. This is implemented as an extra layer of security.